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Cazares Law Firm - A Personal Injury Attorney Dedicated to the Borderland

Christopher CazaresWe have an unrelenting passion for our client and their cause. Our mission is that they receive justice. A personal injury attorney’s duty is nothing less than just compensation for the injured client.

Dedication to Justice for Our Client

Cazares Law Firm has two goals. The first is to take care of every single client to the best of our ability. The second is to obtain the best possible result. As the victim of a personal injury, you have suffered enough trauma. We want to make the legal process as pain-free as possible. No matter how big or small, each and every case should be treated with the highest level of care and attention.

When you’ve suffered a personal injury, your well-being should be the highest priority. Recovery is the most important thing after an accident, so it’s vital to let someone competent handle the legal aspect of the situation. Accidents happen, and unfortunately, it’s impossible to go back in time and prevent them. However, it is possible to make things right. That’s where we come in. Cazares Law firm comes alongside personal injury victims and passionately seeks justice for those who have suffered.

Victims of Crimes Deserve The Best Care

Cazares Law Firm firmly stands with our clients every step of the way. Not only do we properly represent our clients in court, we also offer support that helps our clients return to living their lives without fear. A crime victim advocate from Cazares Law Firm is able to offer emotional support to clients while filling out the necessary paperwork and, if necessary, the advocate will go to court with the client. With an advocate by your side, you’ll be able to leave the crime that affected you and your family in the past. The Cazares Law Firm team is made up of lawyers for crime victims. No matter the crime, we understand what’s necessary for our clients to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We offer victim-related litigation services to individuals who have suffered from crimes. Not only will we represent your case in court, we’ll also be there for you every step of the way.

The Best Personal Injury Representation on Your Side

At Cazares Law Firm, we firmly believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, compassion, and understanding. Our goal is to do everything we can to help those who have been hurt in personal injury cases. We know that after an accident, those who are injured often face physical, financial, and emotional trial. We want to alleviate that pain as much as we can by offering strong and dedicated legal support. Often, those involved with personal injury accidents feel alone and fearful about their futures. Don’t give up! We will fight aggressively to ensure that your situation is made right.

Don’t Suffer Any Longer – And Don’t Go It Alone

Cazares Law Firm fiercely seeks justice for those who have suffered a personal injury including those related to car and truck accidents, 18 wheeler accidents, DWI situations, wrongful death, construction and oil field accidents, and premises liability. We want to end the pain and trauma and ensure that you receive the justice and compensation you deserve. Contact us today to begin mending your life again.


  • Michael B.

    I’ve known Mr. Cazares for over 5 years. We’ve worked along side each other for a number of years, so I know how well he works and does under pressure. Countless times he’s been successful in defending against the charges of various clients. Seeing his work ethic and dedication to each and every one of his cases, I have confidence in him and would highly recommend him to you.

  • Andre P.

    He’s one of the best, an elite litigator. It’s no understatement to say that he’s simply on a different level compared to other trial attorneys. If you want a fearless, caring advocate to fight and break through walls for you, look no further than the best. And that’s Chris.

  • Matthew J.

    Chris is an experienced and aggressive litigator who fights for his clients. I highly endorse him.

  • James K.

    Christopher was very compassionate and empathetic towards my case. I knew he would fight hard and represent me well. He’s an expert in what he does.

  • Michael W.

    Christopher is a highly skilled attorney and very well respected in the legal community. I would highly recommend him.

  • Lena B.

    As soon as I handed my case over to Chris, I felt a sense of solace. I also had the confidence that my case was getting the attention it needed and deserved. He was very concentrated throughout the entire process and he made sure to correspond with me every couple of days. He took care of all the stress that comes with this situation and I was able to keep myself calm and in order for work.

  • Christopher T.

    I would definitely endorse Chris Cazares. He’s very reasonable, dedicated, and experienced.

  • Doug

    Christopher Cazares saved my military career….When you are going through a legal proceeding you have no idea how much strength you get from knowing your lawyer cares about you.

  • Colin

    He prepared me to be a lawyer in my own case. Extremely knowledgeable and professional. The outcome of my case might have been different without Chris. He gave me the confidence I needed to make it through the trial. Will use again.

  • Julius

    There are no words that I feel can accurately frame Christopher. His determination and dedication to my case could only be rivaled by his compassion and empathy for me. In the weeks leading up to trial we were in constant communication, keeping me totally updated on everything. However, months thereafter he was still in contact. Always the consummate professional, yet during the most difficult moments of my life; Christopher Cazares was much more than my advocate. He was my friend.

  • John S.

    I hired Christopher to fight six drug charges. The outlook was bleak from the beginning, but we fought. By the end of court, the government withdrew all of their charges and I walked out a free man. Christopher was by far the best attorney in court and I do not want to think what would have happened if I would have stuck with government counsel. Even more, I hired a person that I could trust. Everything he said would happen, happened and he never over promised and under delivered. He is a great attorney and great man.

  • F. Sanchez

    Immediately after contacting Chris, he volunteered to fly to my location in order to begin working immediately as my [lawyer]. He brought me to a better place during this terrible time.

  • Jimmie

    Great lawyer and great guy. Really went out of his way and did everything possible to help me with my case. Also helped me stay positive through the whole thing. Hired an attorney and feel like I gained a friend as well!

  • Steven

    Christopher Cazares handled my case with outstanding professionalism and offered vital advice for me and my family through out the entire legal process. Cazares’s sound judgement, guidance and ability to see through the storm, is the reason why our case prevailed and led to a victory.