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18 Wheeler Accidents and Why They Happen

Last year, there were over 1,000 commercial motor vehicle accidents in the El Paso area alone, according to TxDOT. While the definition of commercial motor vehicle includes buses, it also includes semi trucks and tractor trailers. 18 wheeler accidents are some of the most common on the roads today, and they happen for a number of reasons. Let’s go over why they happen and what we can do to be safe.

Reason #1: Distracted Driving

While this can happen for any kind of driver, distracted driving can become especially prominent with truck drivers because of how long they are on the road for. Sometimes, they grow restless which causes them to take their eyes off the road for extended periods of time. They may even become distracted from adjusting the radio or looking at their GPS. With such large vehicles, distracted driving can put a lot of people at risk and cause 18 wheeler accidents.

Reason #2: Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel

Truck drivers are on the road for many hours a day. While this is part of their job, it comes with a lot of responsibility. There are laws and regulation in place that dictate how long a truck driver can be on the road for, how many breaks they need to take, and how long these breaks should last, but it’s not uncommon for drivers to go against these rules and continue driving anyway to get to their destination faster. This causes them to become tired and reckless, and many accidents have happened because of it.

Reason #3: Unfit Loads

Some companies will cheat the system by overpacking the cabin of an 18 wheeler. This can cause many issues to happen. For starters, when the cabin is too heavy, it can cause the entire truck to tip over when the driver makes an ordinary left or right turn, even if they’re being safe about it. It can also make braking and coming to a stop harder, resulting in more accidents. Lastly, it can cause the shipments to slide and break through the back of the truck, littering freeways and streets, especially if it isn’t packed correctly.

Reason #4: Reckless Driving

Not all 18 wheeler accidents happen due to the fault of the truck driver or the company that hired them. Every driver on the road needs to be safe and cautious. Together, we can all make the roads a safe place to be and reduce the number of 18 wheeler accidents that take place.

While safe driving can minimize the number of accidents we’re involved in every year, some accidents are unavoidable. If you were injured in an 18 wheeler accident and need legal assistance, the Cazares Law Firm can help. Call us today for more information!