Justice for the Borderland

Christopher “El Toro” Cazares

Christopher Cazares

“I was blessed to work as both a prosecutor and defense attorney while in the Air Force. As a military attorney, you do not have to choose a side, you simply serve your country in the courtroom. I learned that there is not a “right” side of justice – both require integrity and compassion. The only difference comes down to integrity. As an attorney, you either have it or you do not. In the US Air Force I have been a defense attorney in a capital murder case, and a prosecutor to sexual assaults, but always a person who strives for fairness.
I walk my clients from a place of pain into the realm of justice. I advocate for my client, in truth and for justice.”– Christopher David Cazares

Chris came to be known as “El Toro” when he was first starting out in the Air Force JAG Corp as a prosecutor. As a result of his unrelenting will and passion for the cases and causes he was assigned, his peers and supervisors came to began to call him “El Toro” based on the fight he brought to every case.

Like the bull, Christopher fights with strength and confidence. He pursues justice with uncompromising drive. Regardless of the situation around him, Christopher focuses on the goal: the best possible outcome for the injured. Maintaining confidence without arrogance and integrity without bend, Mr. Cazares tackles the task at hand.

Confidence. Passion. Focus.

Christopher “El Toro” Cazares was born and raised in El Paso, TX. He is a 1996 graduate from Cathedral High School and a 2001 graduate from UTEP. In 2004, he graduated from the University of Southern California Gould School of Law. With a passion for justice, he became a JAG (Judge Advocate General) in 2005 and served as a military defense lawyer, prosecutor, and instructor. He has trained hundreds of his fellow counsel and worked many various kinds of cases. Christopher believes that truly meeting the needs of his clients requires a life’s work, and he is dedicated to pursuing justice on their behalf. He feels that returning to El Paso and representing his community is a deeply personal responsibility.

The primary goal at Cazares Law Firm is to represent those who have been injured and help them to a better place. With superb trial and litigation experience, Christopher Cazares sets out to specifically advocate on behalf of those who have been injured. With focus and passion, he works to provide the best possible legal assistance to those who deserve justice.


Previous Supervisors:

Unmatched work ethic. Stunning courtroom prowess. – Colonel D.M. Christensen

Breathtaking performance; immeasurable impact on justice. – Colonel S.R. Martin

Bulldog tenacity. Selfless dedication. – Colonel D.P. Cordova

World class JAG leader. – Brigadier General B.K. Sakai

Dazzling advocate. – Colonel G.R. Hammock

Peer Attorneys:

“Christopher is a real trial attorney that will take the time to fully understand the client’s case and represent the client to the fullest extent possible.” -Steven Lingenbrink

“He has a unique persona that enables him to connect with others.” – Pablo Sartorio

“Chris brings unrivaled energy to everything he does. He is skilled and magnetic.” – Galen Trine-McMahan

“Chris truly cares about his client and treats them with the utmost respect and dignity.” – Lance Wood

“Chris is not only a phenomenal trial attorney… he never stops fighting for his clients.” – Richard Younts

“Chris is among the elite litigators nationwide. If you want a fearless, caring advocate that breaks through walls for his clients, look no further.” – Andre Pennington


“Christopher is a great attorney and great man. He was the best attorney in the courtroom.” – Anonymous

“He saved my career.” – Doug

“A real comfort in trying times. His determination and dedication to my case could only be rivaled by his compassion and empathy for me.” – Julius

“His sound judgement, guidance and ability to see through the storm, is the reason why our case prevailed and led to a victory.” – Steven

Awards & Certifications

  • trial lawyers college
  • national crime victim bar association