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Victim Advocate Services

The National Crime Victim Bar Association

The National Crime Victim Bar Association is an affiliate and program of the National Center for Victims of Crime. It is the nation’s first professional association of attorneys and expert witnesses dedicated to helping victims seek justice through the civil system.

Victim Advocate Services for Individuals in the Southwest

Any crime, no matter how small, has ramifications that permeate throughout the life of the victim. Criminal acts, in particular, can lead to difficult situations, making the lives of victims much more difficult than they already are. Throughout the court process, the victim may feel lost or unsure about the situation at hand. Clients can seek assistance from a victim advocate who can step in and guide the way. In addition to providing excellent legal representation, an advocate can offer emotional support, help with paperwork, and provide resource research assistance. In some cases, the advocate may go to court with the victim in order to extend their emotional and legal support. Cazares Law Firm provides victim advocate services and victim-related litigation to the Southwest area.

How A Crime Victim Advocate Works

Crime victim advocates, like the ones you’ll find at Cazares Law Firm, are completely devoted to their clients. The term “advocate” refers to a person who shows public support. In addition to showing public support, a crime victim advocate is able to provide invaluable knowledge and guidance to victims of crimes. An advocate can intervene with employers, landlords, and other entities on the victim’s behalf.

Advocates maintain the highest level of confidentiality when communicating with victims. This confidentiality is set in place in order to help victims feel as safe as possible. Only in a few instances will the advocate have to disclose information. If a client threatens to hurt herself or someone else, the advocate must report the threat to the authorities. Establishing a foundation of communication between the victim and the advocate will lead to the most positive outcome.

Victim-Related Litigation: What You Need to Know

When filing a lawsuit, it’s necessary to follow the correct steps in order to build the strongest case. This is especially paramount when it comes to victim-related crimes. Cazares Law Firm offers victim-related litigation services to individuals in the Southwest area. Through litigation, Cazares Law Firm will be able to guide victims through the entire legal process. No matter what your case requires, the Cazares Law Firm will stand by you every step of the way. Contact our team today to learn more about what we have to offer.